How we started

In 2019, a bunch of friends gathered together, reminisced on the good old days when neighbours interacted more with each other, and wondered how technology has actually separated us. Families can be sitting at the same dinner table, yet feel so far apart. We can have many friends on Facebook, but no one to turn to in times of need.

How nice would it be if neighbours could become closer together? How nice would it be if we do not just see another face in the lift, but are able to go beyond the "hi" and instead as, "how's your mother's health?"

Those conversations then inspired the vision of GoodHood.SG, a ground-up initiative to bring back the kampung spirit in Singapore. They envisioned a community where neighbours would care more for each other, and kickstart the flywheel of paying it forwards in the nighbourhood.

Thus began our quest, to nurture a community that will graciously give and lend a helping hand. This precious ideal called neighbourliness, that neighbours are a little more considerate, gracious, and giving society!

We aspire to have kinder and caring neighbourhoods
where people feel they belong.

We want to bring back the spirit of neighbourliness across Singapore by cultivating a culture of kindness through the act of giving, sharing, and helping one another. GoodHood.SG is designed so that neighbours can:

Foster genuine relationships

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Connect and build genuine connections with your neighbours when you chat and get acquainted. 

Share resources

Contribute to your neighbourhood with recommendations, useful advice and other tips in a safe and open discussion space.

Build trusted communities

Tell meaningful stories, ask questions or just simply greet each other and build a community that neighbours can trust.

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