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Nourishing Singapore Sustainably with Rescued Food

Did you know that in 2021, Singapore produced over 817 tons of food waste? By redistributing our edible leftovers with food rescuing, we as a community can change that.

In a collaboration with D2L — Divert for Second Life, GoodHood.SG is dedicated to reducing food waste as a community by giving it a more convenient digital platform.

D2L is a community of dedicated food rescuers, and together, they have successfully redistributed and saved over 150 tons of edible leftover food! Thanks to them, we have seen an amazing increment in the amount of food saved, and amount of food wastage reduced.

Simply take a look at the listings D2L members have hosted on GoodHood's platform.

The giving spirit and the compassion of these members are inspiring to see, and we hope to inspire a future generation of food rescuers with the collaborative efforts between D2L and GoodHood.

Free food? Who could ever turn that down?

Join in on the food rescue efforts today and receive free food from fellow rescuers! Simply download GoodHood, and users can find a myriad of listings for free rescued food.

Share the kampong spirit, and let's reduce food waste together!



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