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Who can see my data?

GoodHood.SG is committed to data privacy and never sells nor shares your personal data with anyone without asking you first.

What details are visible to others?

For neighbours within the same estate, they will be able to see your full name that you specify. We encourage all users to use their real names to encourage authenticity and meaningful interactions. For location, these are what is visible: Unit Number - This field is private, and visible only to yourself. Block Number - This field is only visible to others living in the same block who have verified their Singpass accounts. Nearby Neighbours - They will only be able to see that they are within 200m from you. Neighbours - Beyond 200m, neighbours will be able to see that they are within a certain distance, but will only be able to see in multiples of 10 metres, e.g 200m, 210m, 220m. Beyond 1KM, they will only be able to see in multiples of 100m. E.g .1km, 1.1km, 1.2km. Your Singpass Verified data - it is only visible to yourself.
Your most essential data, such as your phone number, date of birth and block/unit numbers of your house are NOT disclosed to other users.

How do we handle your information?

Any information received (ie, your contact and postal code) will never be shared without your explicit consent. They will be contained behind secured networks in accordance with PDPA requirements. Your safety is our priority, thus your information will be kept private and confidential. The purpose of registration through Google, Facebook or Apple ID and mobile verification is solely to verify that you are a local to minimise scams and spams. The request for your postal code is to facilitate you into your own neighbourhood so that you can better connect with neighbours.

Is my address visible to others?

No, all of your essential data, such as block/unit numbers of your house, phone number, date of birth are NOT disclosed to other users.


How do you make sure that GOODHOOD is a safe place for neighbours?

All users are mobile verified, and for sensitive information or interactions (e.g. opening up a marketplace listing, or offering a free ride), users will need to be Singpass-verified as well. This way, whenever a user is deemed to be harmful to the community (usually triggered by multiple users reporting them, or dependent on the severity of the issue), they will lose access to GoodHood.SG in order to protect the rest of the community.
Like Reddit or Facebook, Goodhood.SG is a community-moderated platform, and we encourage members of the community to report any bad behaviour or to report to the relevant authorities if necessary. Depending on the severity of the infringement, we may take actions from muting users to permanently banning them without warning. We prioritise the safety of our users and as the community grows, we will be implementing more and more safety security measures such as blocking users and possibly even peer-to-peer verification. However, we advise all users to exercise prudence in interactions, especially with neighbours who are newer to the hood and have less available points of interaction with the community.

What happens when I receive unsolicited messages or see inappropriate behaviour?

We encourage everyone to practice kindness and graciousness. The first step should always be to highlight to the perpetrator that his/her actions are inappropriate. Failing which, do report the issue to us. If it is deemed to be a potential criminal offence, do report the issue to the police immediately so that they can take swift action. Otherwise, you may also report the issue to the relevant authorities (family service centres, social service agencies, town councils, etc…) as they would be best equipped to handle the situation. As for us, do understand that most of our community moderators are volunteers who believe in the cause of bringing neighbours closer, and we’re doing what we can to monitor and address any suspicious behaviour within the community. At the same time, we do encourage our members to report to the admins if they encounter unsolicited/inappropriate private messages from others. Depending on the issues, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that GoodHood.SG is a safe place for all. Sometimes the reporting of users is due to personal differences, and we try our best to mediate, but in the event that there is cause for concern, we might even ban the user permanently if deliberate malice is detected.

What kinds of users are NOT allowed on the app?

Users are encouraged to use their real names for a more authentic experience connecting with neighbours. 1. Users should not add their businesses or agendas into their names (e.g. PAP Tan Ah Kow, or WP Tan Ah Kow) or profile descriptions. Profiles should be of users as neighbours, not as business entities. If deemed inappropriate, business entities will be muted, removed, or banned without warning. 2. Controversial users, whose profiles are pushing certain agendas (e.g. politics and religion) or have inappropriate content (including, but not limited to content disrespectful to others or authorities, sexually provocative content) are not allowed. 3. Inappropriate users who are found to be harassing other users are not allowed and will be banned immediately as well.

What type of posts are NOT allowed?

These types of content are prohibited, and violation may result in immediate and permanent removal from the platform without warning: 1. Political and religious content and proselytizing. 2. Content that incites or encourages social discord. 3. Sexually inappropriate content. 4. The homepage feed should NOT have commercial content, and it should be restricted to the marketplace or private groups, where appropriate 5. Spams (repetitive) or scams. 6. Money laundering or illegal money lending. 7. Asking for cash amounts of above $20. 8. Abusing the kindness of others


How do I CHANGE my postal code / email / phone number?

Postal code/email/phone number cannot be changed manually by the user. However, we are able to help you change them. Please inform GoodHood Official to require postal code/email/phone number changing assistance.

How do I delete my account?

User’s account will be deactivated for 30 days. After 30 days, your account will be deleted. 1. Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. 2. Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right corner of the screen. 3. Proceed to tap ‘Delete Account’. 4. Tap on ‘Continue Account Deletion’. 5. Fill out the form.

How do I create general / free stuff / request post?

Users can tap on the green ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner and then proceed to select the correct category. ‘Create a new POST’ for general post, ‘Give away FREE stuff’ for free stuff post, and ‘REQUEST for help’ for request post.

How to post anonymously?

Users can only post as Anonymous when doing general and request post. 1. Tap on the green ‘+’ button on the top right corner of the screen. 2. Select ‘Create a new POST’ or ‘REQUEST for help’ 3. Tap on the ‘Post Anonymously’ slider bar. 4. Users will be required to Singpass-verify to use the anonymous posting feature to minimize scams and give other users the confidence to help those really in need.

How to mention / tag users?

User can mention/tag another user by tapping ‘@’ and typing the name of the another user and then select the user meant to be tagged from the list.

How to DELETE / edit general / free stuff / request post?

Posts cannot be deleted/edited after a few hours. However, before the time limit, user can tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the post and then proceed to tap on ‘Edit’/’Delete’ button. If it is necessary, user can inform GH Official Admin and request certain post to be deleted.

How do I undo the "Closed" post?

Closed post cannot be un-closed. However, user can re-post the same content.

How to message another user?

User can only message another user 2km within their area. 1. Tap on the paper plane icon at the bottom of the screen. 2. After tapping the icon, user can proceed to tap on the green button and then type the username of another user. 3. User can tap to the username and then start to message another user.

How to UPLOAD photos from the app?

Users can tap on the green ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner and then select the square box on the left side below description then proceed to choose the photos. General or group post can upload up to 6 photos while Free stuff and Request can only upload one photo at a time.

How do I recalculate my points?

Points are given out daily depending on the user’s activity within the app. 1. Tap on the Star icon on the top right corner of the screen. 2. Tap ‘Recalculate’ button. 3. The points shown after tapping the ‘Recalculate’ button is the accurate one.

How to block users?

Blocked user will not know that you block them.
1. Open user's profile
2. Click on "Messages" 3. Inside "Messages", click the 3-dots button on the top right 4. Click "Block".


Rationale for Singpass verification

We take data privacy and security with the utmost care, and only require verification at specific places and for specific transactions. Your particulars will NEVER be made public. The use, collection and disclosure of the information will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.Even as it is, some people have abused the community in Goodhood.SG, as without Singpass verification, there are still may ways abusers can come onto Goodhood.SG. Preventing Spammers. An example is when someone created 10 accounts to spam our community, using multiple Singapore mobile numbers that he had bought off foreign workers who were leaving Singapore. Apparently this is an increasingly common practice among spammers to bypass PDPA issues. Hence, we will continually fine-tune the information visible to, and the reach of non-Singpass-Verified members while balancing accessibility and user experience for members who are more selective with verifying via Singpass. Residential Address. Verifying our members’ addresses helps to minimize members who may be “stalking” others by putting another postal code which may not be theirs. Date of Birth. If possible, we would much rather to only collect the year of birth in order to verify a member’s age. However, Singpass does not have this specific field currently. Requiring the age is to facilitate segregation of age-restricted content and groups in future. E.g. we might have a group for tertiary students only, and thus keep members who are less likely to be tertiary students out. Or we might censor inappropriate content from minors. Gender. Requiring gender verification will allow us to also facilitate gender-restricted content and groups (e.g. a breastfeeding group should not have males within the group). Hope this helps to clarify why these information have been selected from over 150 pieces of information that Singpass opens up for organizations to verify!

If you have more questions, feel free to leave us a message!

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