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A FREE $500 Juicer Bonds Loving Neighbours

Many users and even us at GoodHood.SG remain stunned over such a show of neighbourly generosity. Of all the things you could give a neighbour for free, a luxury juicer is not one that most people would expect to be given. And yet, our GoodHooders have proven us wrong!

A housewife had joined GoodHood.SG in search of kakis and other parents to bond with. She was fond of the many services offered by us, and ended up spotting a listing for a juicer that was to be blessed away by a neighbour. She quickly responded, thinking that it would be a healthy investment for her family.

After the neighbour had passed the juicer over, they bonded over the show of hospitality and their neighbourhood.

The housewife explains to us that she only found the value of the product after looking up the brand online— but even without the luxury price tag, she says that the act of kindness still inspired her to continue spreading goodness around her neighbourhood much like her big-hearted neighbour.

Hoping to find a $500 juicer too? Join us on GoodHood.SG today, and find loving neighbours and a community to connect with (both of which are arguably more valuable to us 😉)!



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