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Channel 8 - 8world News Feature: Rescued food brings smiles to neighbourhoods

Sharing our blessings with neighbours is what GoodHood is all about— and the stories featured here truly embody our mission! Alongside D2L — Divert for 2nd Life, GoodHood.SG has been featured on 8world News as the platform for food rescue and sharing.

In a heartwarming effort, 58-year-old Luo Jiapeng has dedicated himself to rescuing and distributing food for an inspiring four years. By rescuing food from various businesses and outlets, he has brought smiles to local communities with his sharing. He even goes as far as delivering food to the doorsteps of neighbours, who even show their appreciation through trying to leave tips.

Luo Jiapeng is a volunteer for zero-waste organisation D2L — Divert for 2nd Life, which GoodHood.SG has partnered with in an effort to promote food recycling and a waste-free lifestyle. The GoodHood app is featured as one of his methods of food rescuing, as he takes advantage of the partnership, using the app to list rescued food for neighbours to share.

Use our GoodHood.SG app in your food rescuing efforts— creating rescued food listings takes only a minute, and reaching out to neighbours with their own listings has never been easier. Let's create a greener, happier Singapore together by tackling food waste!



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