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Channel 8 - world8 News Feature: Nourishing Singapore with Zero Waste

Can a country be fed through a zero waste movement? That's what food rescue organisation D2L — Divert for 2nd Life is working towards, through a collaboration with GoodHood.SG.

GoodHood.SG was featured live on Channel 8's 8world News as they covered D2L's journey to zero waste, their volunteer stories, and their collaboration with us.

By collecting unsold and expired, but still edible food from over 50 businesses island-wide, D2L nourishes local communities by redistributing the edible food. These food rescue efforts have made waves across the country, as food rescuing not only paves the way for a zero waste lifestyle, but also aids the less fortunate across Singapore.

Through the GoodHood app, D2L volunteers have listed and prevented a plethora of food items from going to waste. Join in on the efforts today, and let's create a greener, happier Singapore together!



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