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Cultivating a Zero-Waste Neighbourhood with Kebun Baru Bestari RC

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Food waste is one of the largest contributors to Singapore's wastage, but if we come together, we can make sure good food isn't wasted! This weekend, the GoodHood.SG team stopped by Kebun Baru and hosted a food drive with D2L— Divert for 2nd Life to do just that.

(Below: Kebun Baru residents queue for tasty rescued food!)

It is heartening to see how many Singaporeans are passionate about food rescue, especially because it has been an issue that only had the spotlight shown on it in recent years! We at GoodHood.SG are grateful for those who came by to help with the rescue efforts, and those who came to learn more about practising zero-waste habits in our daily life.

More than anything, we're grateful to our collaborator, D2L for their efforts to bring rescued food to the needy in local communities and in teaching Singapore about sustainability practices. We are privileged to be a part of yet another inspiring food rescue drive and we hope to be part of many more!

(Below: GoodHood.SG founder Nigel Teo alongside D2L Founder Qing Hui.)

You can join the effort on our GoodHood.SG mobile app, where over 45,000 neighbours are rescuing food on the daily. We hope to see you at the next food rescue drive too!



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