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GoodHooder Spreads Smiles by Freecycling and Bicycling with Neighbour!

There's no shortage of neighbourliness when you have neighbours like those we find on GoodHood. When we think of freecycling, the routine waste-saving habits tend to come to mind, but freecycling means so much more to these users.

The GoodHood user to the left of the photo had never interacted with his neighbours before, but chanced upon our GoodHood.SG app and decided to give it a try. He humbly wrote a post, asking if there were neighbours willing to freecycle their bicycles to him.

There were smiles all around when a fellow GoodHood user to the right of the photo responded. This user happily gifted his pre-loved bicycle to his newly found friend, and the two were quick to bond over their love for cycling.

Here at GoodHood.SG, freecycling is so much more than a way to create a greener Singapore or to reduce waste.

We believe freecycling can be a way to bond with neighbours and your community, as well as help those in need. It costs nothing, but means the world to the people involved.

Freecycle with us today, and meet loving neighbours while being a part of flourishing local communities full of heart!



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