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Green Family Fun and Freecycling at Lakeside FSC!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Families flocked to Lakeside FSC's Our Free Market over the weekend in support of living sustainably— as well as having fun for free! Children and parents alike could play games together without charge, while others frolicked through the booths of items looking for new homes.

(Pictured below: a booth at Our Free Market)

While the games were a big draw, the biggest part of the event was undoubtedly the freecycling. People from all over the Lakeside community hosted booths at the market, displaying pre-loved items in good condition that were free for attendees to take home.

Freecycling, which is the act of giving pre-loved items away to neighbours in need, is a great way to make sure sustainability is a part of your lifestyle! Instead of throwing items in good condition that you may not use anymore, freecycling them to neighbours ensures that wastage stays at a minimum. Not only that, but you could help the needy in your community by freecycling these items!

It was inspiring seeing how many people were dedicated to reducing waste through freecycling, and how many connections were made between neighbours who attended the market.

(Pictured below: Various activities at Our Free Market, namely writing notes of appreciation for the neighbours of kind attendees.)

A big thank you to those who came down to Our Free Market! We at GoodHood.SG hope to see you continue your sustainable efforts. Download GoodHood.SG today for a great place to freecycle more items, connect with neighbours, and create flourishing communities in Singapore!

(Pictured below: GoodHood founder Nigel Teo alongside Lakeside FSC staff.)



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