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Kindness, Kombucha, and a Caring Neighbourhood

When there's kombucha to be made, there's kindness to be shared. When a GoodHood.SG user listed some glass bottles to be blessed away on the GoodHood.SG app, a neighbour reached out in hopes of being able to take them to make kombucha. This GoodHood user assumed that would be the end of the transaction— a happy neighbour, and less clutter for their home.

Much to their surprise, they were greeted with bottles of homemade kombucha and some sweet treats for their generosity!

Included in the little gift parcel from their neighbour were a bottle of kombucha just for them, jars of sweet peach gum dessert, and warm slices of fruit cake to top the gift off!

Peek the hand-written labels!

We at GoodHood.SG love to see these little acts bring the community closer. A little kindness goes a long way, and we can't wait to see more neighbours grow closer just like this pair of neighbours did.

Join us and over 40,000 neighbours on the GoodHood.SG app today in bringing our local communities together. Even something as small as a few glass bottles can be the start of a wonderful friendship!



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