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Neighbours Come Together to Solve Childcare Crisis

Mental health has become an increasingly important issue in today's society, with conditions affecting even the hardiest of parents. Such was the case for a GoodHood user who preferred to keep herself anonymous on the platform, using the anonymous function on the GoodHood.SG app to request help with childminding.

The user admitted to being in the midst of a struggle with mild depression. Despite that, she refused to trouble her husband with her condition and humbly requested around three weeks of help with her child from neighbours.

At first, her neighbours advised her to sign up for PAP Kindergarten, a school that could provide help by taking in her child long-term. The user merely thanked them and specified that she needed assistance for only a short period of time.

Soon after the anonymous request was posted, a real life neighbour of the anonymous user had decided to sign up for GoodHood. She was a student living near the anonymous user, who wanted to put her time during the school holiday to good use. The opportunity to do just that came when she caught wind of the anonymous request for childminding services!

The neighbours quickly connected on GoodHood through the request post. The anonymous user was able to get assistance, while the student was more than happy to use her time for something as meaningful as caring for a neighbour.

We could always use more of these neighbourly connections just like the one in this story, especially in such a digital age. Join us on GoodHood.SG and get to know your neighbours while supporting them today!



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