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Paving the Road to Zero Waste with FREE Food!

Smiles were wide and faces bright at Shunfu, where residents queued up for free food while learning about the good they were doing. As a part of the Marymount Green Plan Project, GoodHood and D2L— Divert for 2nd Life were brought down to Shunfu to distribute rescued food once more.

(Pictured below: Nigel Teo, GoodHood founder, alongside Marymount MP Gan Siow Huang, and D2L Founder Qing Hui)

From cakes to bento boxes, neighbours had their fill while D2L Food Rescue Warriors and GoodHood volunteers alike shared their valuable knowledge on how food recycling was saving our earth.

By rescuing food, Singaporeans help reduce harmful food waste while ensuring that neighbours in need have enough to eat. Learn more about food rescue on the GoodHood.SG app today, and join in on our efforts to create a greener, happier Singapore!



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