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Sharing Rescued Food and Smiles at Nee Soon East

Updated: May 31, 2022

Food waste is a quickly rising issue— how do we fight it? With recycled food and plenty of smiles, of course.

Pictured below: Mr. Louis Ng, MP for Nee Soon East (centre), alongside GoodHood founder Nigel Teo and D2L Founder Qing Hui.

This weekend, GoodHood hosted a food rescue drive at Nee Soon East CC in collaboration with D2L— Divert for 2nd Life. D2L is a champion organisation that advocates for a zero-waste Singapore, rescuing food from over 50 locations islandwide daily and redistributing these food items to Singaporeans in need.

That's exactly what we did at Nee Soon East CC. We came together with residents to successfully redistribute rescued food to the elderly and those in need, while teaching them how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. There were smiles all around, from residents who were grateful for the delicious free food, to volunteers that found themselves amazed at what we can achieve when we come together for a movement.

Singapore racks up to over 800 tonnes of food waste per year, peaking at 817 tonnes in the year 2021. It's time we act. Join GoodHood.SG and D2L in our fight against food waste, and try food rescue out for yourself on our GoodHood app today!



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