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Bedok Enchanted by GoodHooder's Shared Sunrises

Connecting with your community means sharing the beauty of your world with your neighbours.

A local resident of Bedok shared these enchanting photos on GoodHood, celebrating the beauty of his town with their neighbours. These posts brought the Bedok community together, and neighbours celebrated alongside the poster, sharing stories about their neighbourhood and the other wonderful sights to be seen around the area.

The original poster himself shared that these were the views he would see every morning, while leaving his house to start his commute to his workplace.

Knowing that not every neighbour would be able to see such sights in person, he brought it upon himself to photograph these sunrises for his neighbourhood in a show of celebration.

Bringing a neighbourhood doesn't need to take grand orchestrated events or massive acts of goodness. Sometimes, all it takes is one beautiful sunrise.



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