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Love Thy Neighbour, Protect Thy Neighbour

Updated: May 13, 2022

Singapore has a reputation for being one of the safest countries, and that absolutely has to do with these dedicated scam-spotting GoodHood neighbours!

Pictured above is an image that has been rapidly spreading across social media. The supposed Durian-selling app, "D2Durian", has been boasting its dirt-cheap prices on social media for weeks— and with a large Durian-loving population, how can Singaporeans resist?

Unfortunately, those dirt-cheap prices proved too good to be true.

The Penang Police has advised social media users against this app after reporting an influx in durian-related scams during the fruit season. A report from the Harian Metro claims that once tempted by the low prices, users would click a link and be directed to what seems to be a download page for the application, which reveals itself to be an "FPX Transaction" page. In a classic move, the page quickly hangs after users enter their username and password for the payment system.

Victims later reported receiving messages from their banks, notifying them of an outgoing transaction from their bank account to another third-party account, in an amount far larger than they intended to purchase.

Once GoodHood users caught wind of such a scam, they swiftly took to the GoodHood.SG app to spread the news to their neighbours. Through link-sharing and word of mouth, these users sought to protect their community from such scams.

Let's stay vigilant together, and protect our communities from harm, just like these sharp-eyed vigilantes!



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