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A ground-up initiative to connect neighbours to bless and be blessed, kampung-style.



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A ground-up initiative supported by
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1000 FREE meals

for those in need

Our #KindCooks initiative aims to spread

some neighbourly love to connect neighbours

who need meals, with neighbours who want to spread kindness with home cooked meals from the heart.

Anyone in need can
make a meal request

Every #KindCook who fulfils a meal request will receive a $5 subsidy, supported by Temasek Trust.

Till 31 August 2020


1. Download the GoodHood.SG app

2. Click the "Free Meals" button, and Indicate your dietary restrictions

3. Wait for a kind neighbour to meet your requests!

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The simplest way to connect meaningfully with real neighbours.


Connect with real neighbours who are mobile and facebook verified.


Only your estate (e.g. Tampines) will be shown. No other address or contact info will be shown.


Request &

Offer Help

Help a neighbour, make new friends, or earn some kopi money all at the same time!

Do you need help with doing grocery runs during this time where many are home-quarantined?​ Or would you like to offer your help to bless your neighbours?

GoodHood.SG allows you to post and comment and chat directly, so that every neighbour can seek or offer help effectively from or for the right people!

Give, Receive & Exchange

Give away items to bless your neighbours who might need them more, while decluttering at the same time.

Kill 3 birds with 1 stone!

  • bless a neighbour

  • declutter

  • make a new friend who you can say "Hi!" to the next time you meet around your estate.


List Your

Services for FREE

Want to make some extra money with your skills or simply bless your neighbours?

If you can take care of pets, cook, give tuition, service air-conditioners, iron clothes or more and you love helping others, GoodHood.SG is just the place for you!

Help a neighbour, make new friends, or earn some kopi money all at the same time!

The best place to meet real neighbours to bless and be blessed!

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